Every day at MU Health, we’re using YES to make lives better. Healthier. Even longer. And with YES at the core of everything we do, there’s nothing we can’t do.

What Is Yes?

At MU Health, YES is everywhere you look because YES is in everything we do:

In the research we've pioneered that's given hope to those previously without it YES is our guide.

In the training and educating of tomorrow’s health care provider YES is our scholar.

In the breakthroughs we've made in the battle against cancer and Type 1 diabetes YES is our war paint.

In the advancements we've made in care and recovery to provide better treatment to our patients YES is our motivation.

At mid-Missouri's only academic health center YES is, quite simply, our way of life. And our success stories – from minimally invasive surgery techniques to new cancer therapies and transplant procedures – are a testament to the power and possibilities of the word we live by every single day. YES.

:60 YES Finds A Way

:30 YES Loves A Challenge

:30 YES Changes The Game